Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Learning about lighting and backgrounds

I had a chance to play with my camera a little bit last night. I learned a few things about lighting and background. Well, the lighting that I am currently using (100 and 200 watt bulbs) is making my jewelry look yellow...gotta think of a new lighting system, maybe try different kinds of light as well. I think Sean said that we could try hooking up the 500 watt halogens..wonder if that will be too bright! I was thinking we could try using 3 lights, rather than 2...add one coming from the front, angled in.

I took some pictures of a few pendants I had. I taped a wire across the top of the cube - from one side to the other, and hung the necklace on the wire. I had the background paper sloped downwards, in the back - nowhere near the piece. I used a black background, and I tried a speckled light colored background. The black turned out really black (not like when I put the pieces right on top of the paper), and the speckled paper gave a nice cool visual effect. I think I'll have to buy more of the speckled paper to experiment with.


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