Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I wish it would all come to an end...well, just saying that because I am having a fucking horrible day at this fucking job. It fucking sucks. Sucks sucks sucks!!!

I've managed to find an activity, where I can keep fit, and can work off some stress. I've been walking up and down the stairwell at work. Well, today, I've managed to climb up and down a total of 20 flights of stairs. Just an indication of how crazy I am being driven here. I just want it to end!!! This day seems like it will never fucking be over with, and I only have 38 more minutes to go. I don't feel like doing any more work. I shouldn't, because I've been absolutely busting my ass today...as of right now, it stands that I've taken 7 out of the 16 issues logged...this sucks.

These people will not stop...die motherfuckers die. Die bitch die!!! Okay, that's pretty harsh, I know, not like me..I guess it's the work me talking...24 more minutes...can I survive??? It'll be tough!


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