Monday, March 22, 2004

Another one bites the dust!

Well, I'm officially 27 my late 20's. Damn, I'm an old woman!

I had a pretty awesome birthday weekend, though. Sean and I went rock climbing with Mountain Madness at Enchanted Rock on Saturday and Sunday. It was so awesome, and such a great way to celebrate my birthday weekend. All in all, we did 4 climbs on Satuday, and 7 climbs on Sunday. On both days, I didn't fully complete the climbs...on Sunday, I was sooo close, but my feet were so painful, I had to stop.

Here are some of the climbs we did (the one's I could remember or figure out their names):
No Sweat 5.8
Sweat 5.7
Bobawawa? - on the backside
Mystery and Imagination 5.8 / Clockwerk Orange 5.11c (last climb Sunday)


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