Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Learning about lighting and backgrounds

I had a chance to play with my camera a little bit last night. I learned a few things about lighting and background. Well, the lighting that I am currently using (100 and 200 watt bulbs) is making my jewelry look yellow...gotta think of a new lighting system, maybe try different kinds of light as well. I think Sean said that we could try hooking up the 500 watt halogens..wonder if that will be too bright! I was thinking we could try using 3 lights, rather than 2...add one coming from the front, angled in.

I took some pictures of a few pendants I had. I taped a wire across the top of the cube - from one side to the other, and hung the necklace on the wire. I had the background paper sloped downwards, in the back - nowhere near the piece. I used a black background, and I tried a speckled light colored background. The black turned out really black (not like when I put the pieces right on top of the paper), and the speckled paper gave a nice cool visual effect. I think I'll have to buy more of the speckled paper to experiment with.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Fun with the new digi cam!

Well, the weekend went by way, way too fast. But it was a productive one!

Saturday, I continued working on my gold tapered bezel ring...didn't really feel like it, but I did. :P After class, I went to meet Sean at his soccergame at the Southeast fields. Hung out until the game ended, then we headed off to Precision Camera store on Lamar. Well, I spent about a whole paycheck on a new Canon EOs Rebel (300D) digital camera. It is sweet! Sean bought me a Sigma macro lens for around $500.

We got some supplies on Sunday to build the "studio in a box". It's made out of pvc pipe shaped like a cube, has iridescent light covers on the sides to diffuse the light, white art paper on top and the back, and the background color paper on the bottom. I took lots of pics (like over 100), to experiment with, and that camera is so awesome! A lot of it was experimentation with aperature and shutter speed. I need to learn more about photography, that's for sure!

All in all, it was a good, productive weekend, but it went by way too fast!

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

The joys of ear stretching

I was so busy yesterday (and today) at work, didn't have time to blog much. Well, besides the usual work sucks blah blah blah...I've managed to get my right two earring holes to 10 gauge. I've got 10 ga red titanium pincers in them. It was too easy, I should have used them in the first place. Two of the holes in my left ear have 12 ga pincers in them. One of them bled the other was almost ready for a 10 ga, but since it bled, I put in the 12 ga instead, and will let it heal up nice and well before I go up to 10 ga. The joys of ear stretching! :D

Monday, March 22, 2004

Another one bites the dust!

Well, I'm officially 27 my late 20's. Damn, I'm an old woman!

I had a pretty awesome birthday weekend, though. Sean and I went rock climbing with Mountain Madness at Enchanted Rock on Saturday and Sunday. It was so awesome, and such a great way to celebrate my birthday weekend. All in all, we did 4 climbs on Satuday, and 7 climbs on Sunday. On both days, I didn't fully complete the climbs...on Sunday, I was sooo close, but my feet were so painful, I had to stop.

Here are some of the climbs we did (the one's I could remember or figure out their names):
No Sweat 5.8
Sweat 5.7
Bobawawa? - on the backside
Mystery and Imagination 5.8 / Clockwerk Orange 5.11c (last climb Sunday)

Friday, March 19, 2004

Well, luckily enough, this week has been quiet, since there are only 2 of us here at work. Yesterday was a tad busy. Hopefully today will be dead as well.

I've been keeping up with and, and have to say I'm a tribe and orkut addict. It gives me something to do..and now I'm hooked! :)

My ears (stretching) have been bothering me a bit. My right one started to hurt a few days ago. What doesn't help is the fact that I have to be on the phones all day, so I probably introduced all sorts of bacteria into the holes. So for the past couple days, I put a bandaid over my piercings. It still hurts when I'm on the phone, but at least its not direct contact with the dirty, nasty old phone!

Heal, baby heal. I bought some acrylic plugs and 12 and 10 ga pincers online. They should be somewhere in the mail..can't wait to get em! I think I could probably go ahead and stick the 12 ga ones in.

With this spring break time, I've been making some rings for production. It's going well so far..we'll see how the settings turn out! I've also been trying to keep in touch with the Church of Craft group and the Austin Glitterati group. So much going on for me...

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

This is so lame. I'm at work at 6 am. Why, you ask? Well, 2 of my coworkers are taking vacation at the same that leaves me and the boss lady. I told her I'd work the early shift (my shift is 7-4). And she's like..well, you have to come in at 6, because..that shift has to be covered. What a bunch of bull!!! Well, at least I'll get out earlier. That's the only positive I can take out of it.

I tried to find o-rings for the 10 ga eyelets I made. I went to Pep Boys, and found an assortment pack. When I opened it, only one of them fit, and it was a huge o ring with a 10 ga opening...So I did some shopping online :) I bought some acrylic ear plugs and titanium pincers - they come with o-rings, so I'll just use those. Plus they were pretty cheap!

The ear stretching is going okay. I just have to let em heal up a bit before I stretch them some more. My right side has been a bit itchy...probably because I have to use the dirty, old ass phone at work...who knows what kind of bacteria is on there! Soon enough, I'll be at 10 ga.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Oh man, it's been almost a week since I've last blogged. Just haven't had the time...

Well, besides the norm, what's been going on lately...let's see...It's Spring Break, so I'll have some evenings free. That'll be good. I probably still manage to light up the torch and do some jewelry work :) This weekend, I started to work on some rings for possible sale next year. Not that they'll take me *that* long to do...just need to accumulate stuff! They're just 18mmx13mm cabs set in a bezel sitting on top of a ring. If they turn out crappy, I can just keep them or give them to friends! I really need to focus on my "I want to start selling next year" goal -- do research and whatnot.

I started stretching my ears again. This time, I'm going from 14ga to 10ga - the cheap way, by stuffing more and more earrings into my holes. I fabricated and finished a simple pair of ear tunnels/earlets last week. The front is just a circle, with a hole in the 10ga tube. The back will be held by an o-ring. I fabricated another pair this weekend - the front is a diamond shape, and will be held by an o-ring as well. They're pretty simple, easy to make, and hey..instant jewelry! That way, I won't have to pay $20 for the surgical steel body jewelry at the piercing studios.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

The workplace delirium sets in...

I think I've gone crazy. I've been so stressed from work, yesterday was not a fun day as I had this dumn account rep up my fucking ass for nothing that I did wrong. Of course, I sent him the facts and set him straight..ahh..that felt good. God damn it. Grovel at my's what he sent me back :"Thanks for everything. My frustrations should not have been directed at you."...yeah, duh.

So I walk down the hallways today, in a state of delirium. I feel tired, out of my body, a bit crazed.

I had a really weird, weird dream last night. I dreamt that I watched a Nightmare on Elm Street movie, and since I watched it, Freddy was going to come after me if I went to sleep. I somehow got a hold of his hand with the razors on it (but they were more like long metal fingernails). I cut the nails off, and wrapped the hand in duct tape, over and over (so it wouldn't come alive and get me).

I ended up in a small car, 3 people squashed in the back seat with me. Someone in the passenger seat. Somehow, the driver disappeared, and the car was going out of control. The guy in the seat behind the driver's seat had long enough arms and legs, that he could drive the car from the back seat. He was able to get it under control, as we passed some animals (goats?) on the side of the highway.

Part of the dream, I was in this rocky nature area, and there were a bunch of people (high school cheerleader like people) talking to me like valley girls, and doing flips all over the place. I tried to do a cartwheel, but failed at every attempt.

Another part of the dream, I was at some party at someone's house. It was like a lame adult party. My brother was there, and I was digging through the fridge to find some food...

All throughout my dream, I was scared that Freddy was going to come after me...

All in all, it was a really whacked out dream.

I'm so fucking tired, I need to just sleep all day...

Thursday, March 04, 2004

I fucking hate impatient people, I fucking hate work, it sucks shit!

Yes, yes, another bad day at work. I can't believe how horrible this week has been. I feel like my blog is turning into my "I hate my job blog". Well, I'll just keep the work shit brief--die bitch die...that's all I have to say! Same bitch, different day. Well, I've already done a flight of stairs today, and stabbed my notebook pretty damn hard. I'm fucking pissed. This fucking sucks.

Soooo...anyways! Last night I had class. Stonesetting is well...a bit dry for me. Casting was fun. I casted my buildup wax projects - 2 Maori bone carving designs and 2 Japanese crest designs. They turned out pretty well. When I casted my first flask, a hot piece of metal flew out of the centrifuge. It was a small piece, but pretty crazy to see glowing molten metal flying at you! Well, the knob you turn got stuck because a piece of metal and junk was lodged in it. Martha had to try to creatively clean it when I did my second casting...after firing it up, I had to turn the centrifuge, and Martha had to unlock it for me to let it spin. I like casting :) If only I could replace it with my real job!!! Well, that'll be the day!

Still lusting to go to South America...just saving up for it, and trying not to quit until I have enough money!!! *sigh* that will be the day...

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I wish it would all come to an end...well, just saying that because I am having a fucking horrible day at this fucking job. It fucking sucks. Sucks sucks sucks!!!

I've managed to find an activity, where I can keep fit, and can work off some stress. I've been walking up and down the stairwell at work. Well, today, I've managed to climb up and down a total of 20 flights of stairs. Just an indication of how crazy I am being driven here. I just want it to end!!! This day seems like it will never fucking be over with, and I only have 38 more minutes to go. I don't feel like doing any more work. I shouldn't, because I've been absolutely busting my ass of right now, it stands that I've taken 7 out of the 16 issues logged...this sucks.

These people will not stop...die motherfuckers die. Die bitch die!!! Okay, that's pretty harsh, I know, not like me..I guess it's the work me talking...24 more minutes...can I survive??? It'll be tough!