Thursday, February 05, 2004

Yes yes, I've been a lazy blogger this week! Well, there's just not much new going on, and I don't want to bore everyone with my "I hate work" blog...

So anyways, what's new...Monday night, I casted my first piece - a dome ring I carved out of wax. Casting was pretty neat. I was a bit scared at first, because the torch is so damn big, huge flames, and the centrifuge is a crazy machine! I had to turn the centrifuge 3 times, which, by the second turn, was pretty hard to do! Then lock it into place. Heat the metal till it became liquidy. My teacher, Martha, took the flask out of the kiln. Heated everything up, till it was ready, then let the centrifuge go! The centrifuge is a bit intimidating, but since I now have the 1st time over with, I think it shouldn't be that bad anymore. It turned out really well. I finished up polishing the ring last night, so now it's all shiny :)

I'm not too fond of my stonesetting class. It's very tedious, and precision is the key. If you eyeball something wrong, it's going to come out lopsided...

Oh yeah, last night, Martha brought in a whole bunch of cabochons she was selling for this guy. It was awesome! The prices were fairly cheap. I ended up spending a bit over $30, but got tons of stones for that.

Philippe is not going to be there for our Saturday class, so James is going to sub. I'll be sure to have plenty of side projects lined up after I finish soldering my bezel together.


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