Tuesday, February 10, 2004

What up? Yesterday, I ate my lunch around 3pm, and felt sick afterwards. Must be work ;) Well, I got to class and felt better.

Class was good. Before class, I snuck in the lab to solder some rings together. I'll have to file them down at home. In stonesetting, I almost finished my second 4-prong basket setting. I suck at those though. It's a bit crooked. All I have to do is finish up the prongs a bit, and zam it. Next, we're going to do a 6 prong crown setting. I also finished up a ring with gypsy settings that I had started..oh..2 semesters ago! Well, I tried to do it at home with my dremel, and one of the stones kept on popping out due to the vibrations, so I quit. I used the flex shaft at school, finished setting the 3 remaining stones, and gave it a satin finish. Looks good!

In casting, we are now working on casting organics. I started to build a tree of pistacchio shells that I am going to cast. It should be cool. I also have some things I found in potpourri that I would like to cast. But I think I'll probably have to buy more metal to cast both of these projects!


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