Monday, February 23, 2004

Well, it's Monday! At least I'm in a better mood today. Had a good, productive weekend.

I used my torch a bit, and managed to burn my hand by grabbing a hot pair of tweezers..ouch! It hurt like a bitch, but that didn't stop me. I just put a gauze over it, and continued working. It was only a minor burn anyways, just a singe, where a pink spot remains now. Did plenty of soldering and fabrication. I tried to set my flower bezel ring, but the settings are pretty bad. I had a hard time getting to the middle stone to set it, and the amethyst "petals" were smaller than the bezel cup, so all of those stones are loose. Oh well, it's just a practice piece anyways :)

In my Precious Metals II class, I formed the ring shank, split the ends to a V, then soldered the carved bezel on top. It is *huge*. I think I'll need either a 13mm or 14mm round stone to set in it. I've been looking for cabochons, but have had trouble finding one that size (and cheap!). I guess I'll have to order my gold soon, to do the ring in gold (ugh). I do want to try to make an 18kt gold chain this semester, though. Hopefully I'll have enough time. If not, I can try it out at home.

Well, I've got class tonight. I need to finish up my 6 prong crown stone setting (boring!), and probably finish up some of my cast pistacchio shells. I've got a few ideas so far. I'll probably try to invest my potpourri things too, since I have the casting grain available to cast it...

What else have I been up to? Well, trying to practice my Spanish nowadays for a hopeful South American journey! Man, it's been a while...but have a good while to practice! =)


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