Friday, February 27, 2004

So I had to attend a seminar yesterday titled, "How to deal with customers with tact". Man, I hate motivational speakers. It was more like a live infomercial to me...

This woman was talking very condescendingly at times (I mean, like we were 5 -- calling a horizontal line a "righty-lefty" line...), and was so bubbly it was fake. It seemed that everyone was buying her bullshit except for my coworker and I. Everyone in the seminar was clapping and ohhing and ahhing. It was truly sad.

So what did I learn from that crap seminar? Well, I have multiple personalities..yes, I said multiple personalities. I'm not talking about the kind in psychology, though...My work self and my non-work self. Like a Dr. Jekyll and Hyde. My work self is a disgruntled, unhappy, pissed off, overworked, underpaid, yet do the work anyways type of person. My non-work self is a creative social butterfly. Unfortunately, my work self takes up so much of my time that it impedes on the non-work self. She said that 50% of people are mismatched with their jobs..well, duh, I could have told you that!!!

So anyways, it was really lame. The second half after lunch was so boring, we were falling asleep...trying to fight it! Then it was finally over and we were so ready to blow the joint and leave all the dumbfucks that attended the seminar (the ohh'ers and ahh'ers). DUH!!!

Oh man, something so funny happened today. Or well, I heard about it today. My coworker had forwarded me an email of a screenshot that was taken yesterday morning. It was the ugly guy on our internal website - shackled in chains, and attached to the company logo. It was so fucking hilarious!!! I want to know who did it and give them a high 5!!! Hahahahaha! It was so funny! Whoo, it made my day!


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