Monday, February 09, 2004

Ah, in a much better mood today! Had a good weekend.

Saturday, of course, was class. I soldered my bezel together for my Precious Metals class. It was a bit of a pain, and I ended up filling one of the holes up with solder! I'll have to take a drill to that, then! After that, I worked on some side projects - a 6 stone flower bezel set flower ring, and 2 rings out of 4 ga half round wire - for gypsy settings.

I went home, and did some more jewelry fab. I ended up sawing my finger (ouch!) when sawing a bezel. The blood was flowing..and now I've got a slit on my middle finger! I'm finally getting back into the groove of things. Designs are popping up in my head here and there. When I started school, it would take me a long time to figure out a design.

Sunday, Sean and I took the dogs and hiked the Trailhead Park trail. It was an okay hike/walk - about 2.5 miles, crossed a few streams (Shadow loved that!), but nothing major.

Well, I've resolved to get off my ass and excercise a bit. I joined the Sierra Club, because they tend to have organized hikes (and it's cheaper than the Hill Country Outdoors!). So that little hike was just a start :)


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