Tuesday, January 27, 2004

So tired today!!! I went to bed so late last night.

I had class yesterday, which was fun. We got to learn how to use the vacuum machine to invest our wax molds. I didn't invest my mold because class was almost over, so I'll do it first thing on Wednesday. Then on Wednesday, we're going to learn how to cast our piece. Right now, we're working on our hollowed dome ring. It's frikkin huge, but it's the project that was required of me! I can't wait till we can do our own thing.

Well, I've also learned that I'm not very good at stonesetting! It was my first - 4 prong setting. A lot tougher than it looks. I had to have my teacher do some damage control on mine! But it's okay now...

I can't wait till I get my torch (coming in the mail!) and my tanks set up. Then I can work from home, and do some more fabrication. There's only so much I can do in class! It's only projects, projects, projects! I've got tons of ideas, but no time/equipment to make them!

I've learned that I really like making rings. I want to make some more bands and do some gypsy settings in them. I also want to try to make a gold band, and set a few (small) gypsy set diamonds in it. I also need to try to make a chain. I haven't tried that yet...


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